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Commercial Removals

FSL believes that meticulous planning and a structured organisation is needed to provide an easy transition into your new workplace. We undertake a detailed study to include means of access, safeguarding assets, identification and labelling, floor plan layouts, computer networking and telecommunications. We will execute your move in a personal and efficient manner designed to minimise any interruptions to the work-flow of your business.

Our process of assessment includes visiting both your existing and new premises to establish the logistics of the project, and provide expert advice on electrical and mechanical systems to ensure you are back in operation as quickly as possible.

In conjunction with your personnel our design team will produce a floor plan of the new premises, to include the location of furniture, storage and personnel positions. Working closely with your key members of staff we will then provide a detailed programme of removal activities for your approval.

We appreciate that any downtime within your business costs money – so we always work to suit our clients’ needs. This includes executing moves overnight, at weekends or at any time that will minimise loss of productivity.

Facility Solutions Limited has extensive experience in all types of relocation. We provide the materials and facilities to ensure safe transit during the move and whilst the furniture and equipment is being installed in your new premises.

Up & Running
We understand that the job is not complete until you are fully operational, and we will be on hand during the first working day in your new premises to ensure transition is as smooth as possible. We can also offer support in directing your staff and assist with unpacking of personal items to provide a stress-free move and an uninterrupted service to your customers.

“Smooth business moves simply cannot be achieved without an understanding and solution for all the potential problems.”